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5 Tips for Fitness & Performance

  1. Chat to your GP if you have on-going issues, don’t rely on doctor google!
  2. Consider your sleep quality. Letting your body recover is key.
  3. Refuel after fitness. Get real food in as fast as you can after you train, try not to depend on processed bars, gels and supplements only as a last resort. Real food is your friend.
  4. Plan and prepare. If you have fitness goals planning is key. Set aside ‘prep time’ for food, recovery time for sleep and downtime to relax.
  5. Colour is key. The updated fruit and veg guidelines are for 10 a day. Including a rainbow of healthy, colourful foods in your diet ensures that it’s varied and increases the chance of meeting your antioxidant, vitamin and mineral requirements. You will also be including other essential nutrients such as pre- and probiotics which are crucial for gut health.

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