Be Empowered

Start your story today with Ireland’s leading Food, Fitness & Focus Coach Focus

Be Empowered

Start your story today with Ireland’s leading Food, Fitness & Focus Coach

What’s holding you back from living your best life?

Do you need to work on your time management or goal setting?

Maybe you need to focus on managing your stress levels or look at your sleep habits.

I’m here to help you run your life through working on three core elements — Food, Fitness and Focus. Following the advice in this section will help you get a better perspective on your life; and combining it with the Food and Fitness advice will get you well on your way to living your best life.

Research has shown that the best predictor of success in life is not your innate talent, your intelligence or creativity, but your mindset. Successful people generally believe they can improve and grow as people, and tend to focus on growth, problem solving and self improvement. This is called a growth mindset.

Unsuccessful people, on the other hand, tend to have a fixed mindset. They think of their abilities and talents as fixed assets and avoid challenge.

Having a growth mindset was a major part of my success in becoming a world champion athlete proudly representing my country. I have developed a Grow Your Mind eight week healthy mindset program packed with the methods and life skills that I use all the time to help me to focus and get the best results from my day-to-day life. This program, like all aspects of is simple to follow, easy to implement and will help you empower yourself towards a better life. Topics include goal setting, success, stress management and much more. Focus will provide you with the following:

Grow Your Mind –  An eight week downloadable mindset plan that works in conjunction with eight videos compiled by Derval. Topics include:

Mindset Workbook – Record your performance and use as a motivational tool to improve your overall mindset leading to a more balanced life.

Derval’s Personal Workbook – See my personal workbook that was completed personally by me which is exclusively available to you.

Derval’s Mindset Videos – A series of videos featuring Derval interviewing experts from a variety of fields on topics ranging from women and confidence to disordered eating and exploring your relationship with food.


Join the community today for only €7 per month or €77 per year and learn how Food, Fitness and Focus can empower you to Run Your Life.