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5 Tips for Food & Performance:

1) What are your requirements? Basic healthy eating principles apply to everyone — from a busy mum, to someone who does triathlons in their spare time, to an athlete preparing for a big race. You need to ask yourself ‘what are my food requirements for my life?’

2) Simple and consistent. Think about getting it right 80% of the time, this will lead to you reaching your long term goals.

3) Staying healthy as the number 1 priority. Our aim should be to fuel our bodies sufficiently to avoid fatigue, injury and illness. Rather than thinking about how you look or what you weigh focus on eating for health and wellness.

4) Track your food, occasionally. My fitness pal can be a great tool to use in the short term to gauge how much you are eating and how this lines up with your requirements.

5) Don’t eat too little. If you are exercising or training you need more food. Look at your week: on those days when you are busy and also training, you need to eat enough to do both. Making small changes to your food intake to take account of what’s going on in your life will make you feel more energised, recover faster and avoid injury or illness.

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