Gingery Lemony Remedy



In our house, whenever Peter or myself feel sick we make the Gingery Lemony Remedy – or as we sometimes like to call it ‘The Sick Drink’. When it looks like the sniffles are starting, we get sipping this stuff and we often find that we don’t get any worse. So maybe the Gingery Lemony Remedy is the best medication around? 

Makes: enough for several days


  • A large chunk of ginger, grate
  • Juice of 3 lemons
  • Honey, as needed 
  • Boiled water, as needed 


1) Mix the ginger and lemon juice in a small airtight container. This is the base for the Gingery Lemony Remedy and it must be stored in the fridge.
2) When you are ready to have a drink, mix 2–3 tablespoons of the base with 1 tablespoon of honey in a pint of boiled water. You should feel better in no time. 


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