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Hey Guys,

I’m delighted to announce I have brand new nutrition & fitness content for my members to kick-start 2020! I wanted to give members something different, encourage them to move their bodies and give them the resources to rethink how they create their meals, this is what inspired the new content.

The new fitness content on the site is called The Joy of Movement, and it consists of 10 short videos that focus on getting your body moving. 5 of the videos are nice and easy and the other 5 will give you a bit more of a burn! I developed these videos with Julette Jones, who also developed my pilates plan with me! She can’t stress enough how moving our bodies for a little while every day, is more beneficial than a long session once a week.

The Joy of Movement videos include:

  • Arm Workout
  • Leg Burn
  • Release the Tension
  • Rise & Shine
  • Your Body Your Posture

and more!

My new nutrition eBook is all about Portioning. In it, I give lots of information & tips on how to Create Your Power Plate, which contains the required amount of each of the macro-nutrients. In this portioning eBook, I have explained how to judge the sizes of each food group, I’ve given loads of suggestions for each, and also lots of cooking suggestions to make sure your meal is delicious! The eBook is supported by a series of 9 videos where Derval chats to nutritionist Fiona O’Donnell about all things diet, nutrients and mealtimes.

Join today for just €7 a month to get access to my brand new fitness & nutrition content, and all of the rest of the content on my site.

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