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If you have 30 seconds

Grab a handful of nuts they are packed with protein, fiber and essential fats. I keep nuts in my bags and spend half my life finding packets of them and chomping on them.

If you have 1 minute

I know this may not sound very nice but have a look at your pee. I always try to stay hydrated to help me feel good. Loads of us go around dehydrated and checking after you go to the toilet whether you’re hydrated or not is a great way to help your health. Your pee should be like pale lemonade.

If you have 5 minutes

Take this time to make a healthy snack to throw in your bag before you go out the door. I always have plastic containers full of snacks that I eat during the day.

If you have 10 minutes

Make a workout play list. I think Jay-Z is responsible for loads of my Irish records. I never ever warm up for a race without a play list. Studies suggest that listening to music on the move cuts the perceived effort.

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