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Is the scales the only way to measure health?

Rather than depending on the scales to rate your health why not consider a more rounded approach and see if that has better long term results. Here are my top 3 ways to track my progress that do not involve stepping on the scales:

1) How do your clothes fit?

Find that ‘in shape’ outfit and monitor how it’s fitting every few weeks as your health efforts are beginning to pay off.

2) Do a benchmark fitness test

I do various benchmark tests dependent on my health goal. They have varied from a 2km run to a standing jumps test to a weights’ test.

Why not pick a test (maybe how many burpees you can do in 1 minute) and then re-do that test in 4 weeks, it will really help to judge where you are at fitness wise. Often weight can be slow to shift on the scales but your body is making progress and it’s good to recognise that progress.

3) Track consistency

Consider 3 health goals each month & monitor how you implement them. For example eat fish x 2 a week, add a new vegetable to your weekly cooking & spend 30 minutes a day moving.

Being consistent is the greatest way to long term sustainable health.

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