Exciting New Feature Now Available for Members

I’ve created a new PERSONALISED Member Hub page for Derval.ie site members.  The aim of this page is a space for you to save your favorite recipes, workouts etc & to add in the information that’s important to you. It’s completely private & confidential.

What’s in the personal hub page:

  • Profile Picture – you can upload a picture of yourself, your pet, your favourite quote, or keep it blank, It’s completely up to you. This is your page. Upload whatever makes you motivated & happy.
  • Before & After pictures (optional!) – you have the option to upload images here if you want to track your progress in a visual way (these are only visible to you in your Hub & are simply an option)
  • Your To-Do List, this is a great place to keep you personal& professional to do’s.
  • Goal Charts – you can upload your Goal Charts. You will find a generic Goal Chart/Progress Tracker at the bottom of your hub page, but you can also upload ones from any challenge in spaces 2 and 3.
  • Your Favourites – you will notice an ‘add to favourites’ button at the bottom of all recipes, blogs & site pages (such as challenges, pilates etc) in the coming days. They will then appear in your Hub & you can access them really easily whenever you want!
  • Derval.ie Community News – I’ll update this regularly with exciting announcements that I don’t want anyone to miss, so it will be really easy not to miss anything
  • Lastly, your Derval.ie Events Calendar – There’s so much happening each week & month in the Derval.ie community. I’ll populate the calendar to keep you posted!

I’ve added in buttons to popular areas of the site at the bottom of your Hub page this will make accessing content as easy as possible.
Your Hub is a great way to track your progress and get organised with your healthy lifestyle journey. I hope you love it.

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