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How Far Along

I’m over halfway through my second pregnancy at 25 weeks, and it’s been hectic to say the least.

I have been working really hard getting ready to launch my website derval.ie  plus I have a three year old to run around after. I am way more tired this time, which is not surprising really! I’m in bed before 9 p.m. regularly!

Pregnancy no. 2 v Pregnancy no. 1

In my first pregnancy, I had just retired from professional athletics and I was exercising at a much higher level at this stage of the pregnancy. I used to do 1 hour gym sessions three times a week and I ran up to 32 weeks.

I also had plenty of time to take naps. There has been no napping this time! I didn’t have a huge amount of pregnancy symptoms the first time but this time symptoms hit me like a train! Hello nausea and fatigue!

Current Fitness Routine

This pregnancy I am exercising much more moderately, but consistently. I’m doing 20 minutes a day which has made me feel physically and mentally really good. I do 20 minutes most days.

I mix it up between gym, home circuit, walking and instead of running, I go aqua jogging in the pool which is much gentler. I really like the head-space I get in the pool, no mobile phone to distract me!

Current Food Approach

Food wise, I’m trying to be conscious of what I eat because in my first pregnancy, I got a bit too relaxed about food. Everybody was saying “if you can’t eat what you want when you’re pregnant, you never can”, which looking back probably wasn’t the best advice.

I was so sick for the first trimester on this pregnancy and felt so horrendous that I couldn’t eat, but I have my appetite back now and I’m enjoying cooking again and eating a good variety of foods.

Pregnancy Supplements

As I’m so busy between work and minding Dafne, I feel I need to be really healthy during this pregnancy. I spent time researching lots of supplements and I got advice from professionals on what was best to take.

I’m currently taking a prenatal multi-vitamin, a fish oil supplement and a vitamin D supplement. I’m taking these daily.

Ireland’s Fittest Family

For the first Trimester I was filming Ireland’s Fittest Family, I was really nauseous all the time. Running around shouting at people while trying not to get sick was an interesting experience! It’s funny for me to watch it on TV now and remember how rough I felt filming it!

Be Empowered

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