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I often get asked about how I stay motivated to reach my goals. No matter what I do (training for the Olympics, writing a bestselling cookbook or launching a website)
Here are my top 5 tips for reaching your goals:

1) Sustained Work Ethic

You need the ability to do repetitive, high-level work over a sustained period of time. At the peak of my running career, I would have trained almost every day, sometimes twice. There was no short term, it was always long term. Your mindset has to be the long game. It is what you do consistently that will reap rewards.

2) Mindset

You need to have a deep down sense of belief in what you are trying to achieve, this has to come from you and no one else. As a young athlete, I saw no reasons as to why I wouldn’t or couldn’t become a champion. Most people thought I was crazy to think I could go to the Olympics or write a cookbook but I really backed myself.

3) Problem Solver

You have to continuously seek answers and find solutions to problems. Nobody is going to hand you solutions. I spend half my life asking people to help me or research when I don’t know something. More often than not people are delighted to help. Also you are more than capable of figuring out what you need.

4) Remove money and ego

When I qualified for the Olympics I earned the smallest amount of money I have earned in any job but it was never about the money. It was about my passion and belief. In the years since then I’ve always focused on the passion of a project and thankfully that has reaped rewards for me at various times. I also don’t have an ego, anyone who knows me well understands this. Removing money and ego as a motivation is hugely powerful

5) You cannot have it all

I really believe in prioritising your life. You cannot do everything to a high level, there are just not enough hours in the day. I’m always clear on where and what I allocate time too. Managing your time and not feeling guilty are key parts of reaching your goals. You can not be all things to all people and to every situation. Choose your goals and allot time appropriately.

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