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Whether you are prepping for an exam or a big work deadline/project the basics of being healthy and happy to nail your goals are the same.
There’s no denying it life can be stressful. I’ve had to develop loads of stress busting strategies to deal with performing as a professional runner.
Here are my 5 strategies:

Feed the brain’s needs
The energy demands of studying or prepping for a big work project are huge, with the brain alone consuming 20% of the energy we need every day.
Remember to include a source of quality protein (eggs, nuts and seeds, fish, chicken), slow- releasing carbohydrates (oats, wholegrain rice), healthy fats (avocados, olive oil, nuts and seeds) and lots of fruit and vegetables at meal times. Keeping healthy snacks nearby.
My favourite healthy snack options are oatcakes, nut butter and banana or fruit and nut based bars.

Quench the Thirst
You should be aiming for 1.5 – 2 liters of water per day. If you struggle with water add a squeeze of lemon or lime too it or a small amount of cordial.
Keep a water bottle with you and put a reminder in your phone to drink regularly. Try to keep coffee, tea, fizzy drinks to a minimum. I know that can be hard!

Move Your Body
When it comes to effective studying/preparing taking short breaks is key and can help to relieve stress, clear your mind and lift your mood.
Even 15 minutes of getting up and moving will make you feel better. Leave the phone down and walk/jog for 15 minutes, you’ll be amazed at how much better you feel after it. Exercise releases endorphins helping you to think clearly and learn more.

Snooze for Success
A good night’s sleep is important to enable you to study/perform effectively, concentrate properly and maintain peak energy levels.
Try to go to bed at a reasonable hour, even when you are on a tight deadline.
Leave the phone downstairs. It will be way easier to go to sleep without the temptation of browsing social media.

Stress is part of life
Stress is a natural survival response that can enhance performance at optimal levels. Stress is a part of life and managing it is key.
Try and keep things in perspective. Exams or work goals are important but they are not the be all and end all. Take a deep breath and do your best with good strategies. That is all you can ask from yourself.

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