Slimming & Weight Management Clubs

The Pro’s:

  • These can be an important first step for some people.
  • I know that embarking on a new healthy lifestyle can be daunting and that having the support of a group can be very useful in reaching your goals
  • A set of rules to follow might make that easier to begin with. This takes the thinking out of it even I struggle with the thought of what to eat, the never ending question “Whats for dinner”
  • Lots of people get really good results quickly, this can make you feel super if you have a big event coming up.

The cons:


  • If you are considering doing a weight management plan make sure you do some research into the nutritional principles it is based on. Often when we want to shed a few pounds we are in a vulnerable place emotionally and will look to the quick fix, the reality is that there isn’t a quick fix.
  • Weight loss clubs often demonise foods that can fit perfectly into a healthy balanced diet for example nuts, avocados and olive oil, while pushing highly processed foods. There are no inherently ‘good’ or ‘bad’ foods. There are foods that service our health needs in a better than others but there are no foods that make us failures or bad people. Be cautious on how the messaging around any plan you undertake makes you feel.
  • If you find that you are on a roller-coaster of weight on then off then on then off you should consider if this is the approach for you. Any change is hard and one that is successful long term takes commitment and consistency, don’t try to be summer ready, be life ready.


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