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Outdoor Exercise

Outdoor Exercise

As the weather is starting to improve, I’m trying to get outdoors for my exercise a little bit more. This week I am going to...

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Healthy Morning Tips

Healthy Morning Tips

Do you want to start your day the right way? Well then consider these tips. Balanced breakfast ideas: Wholegrain carbs e.g....

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The Wellness Wheel

The Wellness Wheel

“Am I Well?” – A question that many people ask them themselves regularly. But what does this actually mean? Are people asking,...

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"Total brag!!! but I am too excited to not share my results of the January challenge. I just want to say as well that there is only a difference of 3lbs on the scales....I will take the inches any day over the scales because it's how you feel in your clothes & skin that matters!

Well I listened & got a measuring tape for the January challenge and delighted with 8 inches lost in total. No more focusing on the weighing scales. Here's to February. Thanks to team Derval for the motivation.

The support I received in the group was amazing. I took many suggestions on board and had a good week with a 2lb loss taking me to 11lb loss over this challenge.

Goal wise I think I mastered the mindset around food & eating for stress versus eating for fuel I was able to notice when I was mindlessly eating which I still did an odd day but it’s so much more improved .
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