Kickstarters 2020 Challenge


My 8 Week Challenge that’s focused on your long-term health & happiness has just launched. Join today for just €7 per month, to join my Kickstarters 2020 8 Week Challenge.

The Why?

Last year in the private members Facebook group, we finished out 2019 by encouraging each other to keep moving with the Fit Foundation Plan Group. It was 5 weeks long. 200 members joined me and it was a genuinely motivating, lovely way to get to Christmas without feeling like it was too big a task. We are now in 2020 and with so many people in the group wanting to reach their goals, I wanted to help you do that.

The How?

  1. Goal Chart – you will fill out a goal chart at the start of the 8 week challenge & re-do this goal chart at the end of the challenge.
  2. Fitness – for 8 weeks YOU will choose a fitness plan: beginners will do Fit Foundation Plan, Intermediate will do the Fit Blast plan OR you can do pilates from the site each week.
  3. Food – each week you will cook 1 new recipe from the site. It can be anything at all. Each week I will post a weekly food theme video for you to learn from and make positive changes to your overall approach to food.
  4. Embrace Us – We want to see your journey. Each week you will post minimum 1 post, this can be anything. It can be an update, a picture or a video. We want to hear from you & support you.


Myself and Sarah (Sarah works in the office with me and is pumped to get 2020 off to a super start) will be doing this challenge & very active on this group about how we’re getting on. We have reached out to a few members and they will also be committing to regular posting as our support coaches. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. We want to help you make the best start possible to 2020 so lets all do this together. The kickstarters 2020 is for everyone, make this the year of you and let’s get going. Are you in?

If you’re interested in joining this movement towards healthier living & starting the year as you mean to go on join today for just €7 a month to get access to my private members Facebook group and start Week 1 with us today!


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